Samuel De Moraes,  Musician and composer, is originally from Brazil and  specializes in Brazilian music.  To name a few.. Samba, Bossa Nova, Latin jazz, Samba-Reggea, Axe, Coco, Maracatu, MPB, Frevo, Bahiao and various other Brazilian rhythems and styles. 


He is also greatly influenced by American jazz and popular music.


His musical studies include:  Assembleia de Deus  (his hometown church in Brazil),   Porto da Pedra school of samba, the Pixinguinha School, in Italy under saxophonist, Jean Gambini, and in the United States at McNally Smith College of Music. 



At the beginning of his career, Samuel became interested in music at six years of age, playing the guitar or whatever instrument he could get his hands on.  At fourteen years of age, he started playing his primary instrument, the saxophone, in school and at his church near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



Samuel also loves traditional and popular European music. He had the opportunity to live in Italy for many years where he made many friends, experiences, contacts and where he eventually met his American wife, Diana.


He has played alongside and opened for many varying artists in Brazil and Europe.